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Reusable.  Eco friendly materials.  Compostable.  Sustainably made in Australia.

The reusable sponge is a revolution in dishwashing!   Made from compostable materials this sponge will break down in your home composting system.  Simply cut it up at the end of it's useful life and place into your compost.  

One side of the sponge is a cotton print and the other side a hard wearing but natural hessian fabric, which provides a scrubbing surface.  The sponge also has an absorbent bamboo core.  

The sponges don't harbour bacteria and odours and are easily washed, just throw them in the washing machine (cold / warm cycle preferable).  A laundry bag used during washing will help prolong their life.  

How long can you expect a reusable sponge to last?  Anything from 8 weeks to 6 months and beyond.  To maximise the longevity of your sponges, take care with sharp objects when washing up (the fibres are strong, but can be cut with knives, graters etc), launder in cold or warm water,  and avoid scrubbing too hard with the hessian side (a reusable dish brush is recommended for hard scrubbing).

Sold in a pair, choose from the designs pictured.  Postage is free within Australian for up to 2 sets of sponges.