Welcome, I’m Michelle and I have created Sapphire Blue from a desire to reduce the use of single use products within my and our societies.  Single use plastic bags and other throwaway (fast) items become landfill that possibly may never be composted or degrade naturally over time.  This legacy will stay with our generations and those to come after us.  If I can help by encouraging the use of reusable items over single use, then that is my mission.
All clothing is handmade solely by me in Brisbane, which is why releases are not large or often, meaning limited edition styles. Sapphire Blue’s clothing emanates a vintage feel, combined with a bohemian vibe to bring a sense of charm to clothing, both adult and children's.
It is a fact that handmade clothing is more sustainable and our brand will stand the test of time, from the meticulous construction process down to the classic styling.
Let us custom make clothing to your design or choose from our in stock designs. Whether for a special occasion, or everyday wear, handmade clothing is special to own and special to use. 



My mission in creating sustainable products, is to source my supplies from Australian suppliers, thus keeping our dollars going around our wonderful country!!  Supporting small business is something I feel passionate about, being a small business owner myself, and I will always endeavor to support small and local businesses where possible.  Sustainable clothing and reusable products equal environmentally friendly, long lasting and useful products.

I do hope you enjoy Sapphire Blue, please share your pics, and view other posts via our social media channels. 




Thankyou for taking the time to read my story, I hope you enjoy looking around the website. If you’d like to get in touch to discuss clothing for your child, or any custom made product, please message me or email me at sapphireblueau@mail.com

If you're making a purchase, **Thankyou!**  for being a contributor to and supporting small Australian business.

Enjoy your day x