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Reusable Freezer Bag, Australian Made

These amazing reusable freezer bags have so many uses:

  • storing fruit and veg in the fridge
  • storing freezer items
  • wet bag to take to the beach or pool
  • wet bag for cloth nappies

Hints and tips:

  • if your fruit or veg seems dry while using the bag, simply spray or pour a small amount of water in the bag and close up.  I find this can happen with lettuce, which like a certain amount of moisture.  Mushrooms tend to be the opposite, they don't require any moisture.
  • the ribbon drawstring helps to close the bag, or simply fold over and secure with a peg or clip
  • when using in the freezer, the bag can take a certain amount of moisture, water or liquid but cannot take soup type of liquids.  To secure for freezer use, I have been folding over and placing in the freezer.  If all or most of the air is expelled before placing in the freezer, you won't get any freezer burn.

Do you have a good idea for the reusable bag?  Leave a comment, I'd love to hear it.

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  • Angel

    So glad to be replacing even 2 reusable freezer bags with these. I use them over and over and they wash really well. Will be back for more!

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